Our Volunteers

We are fortunate to have 16 volunteers working for us who last year donated over 6,500 hours to our service. Our volunteers come from a wide range of backgrounds, and bring different skills and experience to the bureaux. They provide generalist advice, or work as receptionists or in a variety of administrative roles. We also have a  financial literacy volunteer who holds courses in the community on budgeting and money management.

Our volunteer advisers work directly with clients, providing help and advice. With the help of the extensive CAB information system and more specialist resources, they provide the information the client will need, identifying the possible courses of action they may wish to follow.

Advisers give practical help too- drafting letters, making phone calls, filling in forms and helping with calculating benefits. There are many non-advisory tasks that need volunteers, including reception, administration work and finance.

The economic value of our volunteers to the local community was last year estimated at £110,500.

There also 3 paid staff (all part-time) who work at the bureaux as debt advisers and supervisors.